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We are on a mission to enable anyone to participate in the regenerative movement.

Radical Collaboration

Biocultural Storytelling

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What we do

We design and deploy mediatech solutions along with change-maker creators for radical collaborations.

We believe that several stories yet untold will connect people to a purpose. A purpose of restoring everyone’s home and the Home for everyone.

Together, we are enabling social participation to restore the health of the systems that sustain our life and society.

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Radical Collaborators

We co-create along with the following leading organizations, groups, communities and leaders

About Us

The Team

Regenerate Media is made by sustainability leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, art enthusiasts, activists, and innovators driven by the love of our families, friends, and a better future. A love of our neighbors, communities, and all that we endear.

Archie Kasnet

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced leader and successful entrepreneur

Archie is a strategic leader, entrepreneur and teambuilder. A lifelong learner with a passion for creatively solving entrenched business challenges.

Kristian Diaz

Digital Platforms Expert

Computer systems engineer with a passion for web innovation specialized in creating and implementing streamlined solutions that bring big value and impact.

Omar Roquet

Chief Strategy Officer

Marketing and Sustainability Strategist

A dynamic and inquisitive strategist with diverse experience leading innovative ventures. Skilled in transmitting vision into reality, mission into action, and philosophy into practice.

Tily Milburn

Impact Organizations Partnership VP

Business Development Representative

Tily aspires to impact this world by building relationships and connections everywhere. Adventure and adversity keep her going and thriving off challenging herself to learn something new daily.

Nathan Sabanayagam

Music Industry Partnerships VP

Connector and bridge builder

He has fostered collaborations between cultures and artists to produce sounds that make an impact. Through his travels, studies and practice, his hope is to find balance between the natural and manufactured worlds.


Our Challenge is  “to make the world work for 100% of humanity,
in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation,
without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.”

  -Buckminster Fuller

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